• Mihai Pop

    Sysound Records & Studios

    Is the workplace of audio engineer and musician Mihai Pop, proud owner of a Neve Console board, used to record half of the classic rock albums.

    Here at Sysound you have the chance to discover why Metallica, Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Led Zeppelin, Iggy Pop or Deep Purple chose to record their albums through a Neve.

    Most studios have one or two Neve preamps. Sysound has 20 preamps at your disposal, so not only the vocals or an instrument go through the Neve, but each microphone and line-in.


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  • Console

    1977 vintage Neve 5305

    20 channels of Neve 33115 pre & eq


    Lynx Aurora 16VT

    RME AES32
    Presonus Firepod
    Revox A77


    Neve 32254e, compressor & limit - 2 channels

    Urei 1178 Dual Peak Limiter - 2 channels

    Philips Spring Reverb
    Electronika Rq02 Delay
    Hughes & Kettner valve pre
    Reverb chamber


    Neumann U47fet & Neumann CMV563 - M7s

    Nady TCM 1050 valve mic (4pcs)
    Rode NT1A (4pcs)
    Rode NT5 (4pcs) with omni capsules
    Beyerdynamic MC930 (4pcs)
    Oktava MK219
    Nady CM90 (2pcs)
    AKG D112
    AKG D9000 (2pcs)
    Shure SM57
    Shure SM58
    Nady DM90
    Nady DM70 (4pcs)


    Quested S7R
    Behringer Headphone Amp
    AKG, Audio - Technica & Vivanco headphones


    Gretsch Catalina Rock drums (24",13",16",18" and snare)
    1870 made doublebass
    1978 Fender Statocaster
    Rickenbaker 4001
    Farfisa VIP 255 with Jennings Amp and Leslie cab
    Marshall 1960A cab with 2 custom made Heads (all valve)
    Ampeg SVT810 cab with Hartke 3500 head
    Acoustic 122 Head
    Balanced power transformer for technical current
    Cordial Studio cables & looms with Neutrik plugs

  • Our Clients + over 150 more

    Artists and bands

    A.G.Weinberger, Nightlosers, Tunderground, Lights Out, Fluturi pe asfalt, Jazzybirds Catrhythm, Mojo Barrel Band, Marchosias, Mihai Sorohan, Swinging Train, Hotel Fetish, Dance Trauma, Face Today, Junetrip Bruno Stettler, Setilla, Posset, Will Doo, Van Cramp, Teodora Iacob, Magda Puskas, Alexandrina, Arcuş Trio, Compact, Dan Helciug, Days Of Confusion, El Negro, Electric Fence, Fameless, GBOB,Florin Giuglea, Horia Brenciu Orchestra, I'm The Trip, Inefabble, Jurjak, Keo,The Kriptonyte Sparks, Kripton, Krisper, Maria Radu, Noru Negru, Ana Odagiu, SAE Bucharest, Stema, Sarmalele Reci, Universal Music Romania, Zuralia Orchestra, Viţa de vie


    Transylvania State Philharmonic Orchestra & Choir, Hungarian Opera, Sibiu State Philharmonic Orchestra, "Constantin Silvestri" Philharmonic Orchestra, Oradea Philharmonic Orchestra & Choir, "Dinu Lipatti" Philharmonic Orchestra, Luis Cobos, Ruhy Ayangil, Mark Kuss, Luciano Simoni, Mozart International Festival 2005-2008, ...

    Movie soundtrack & post-production

    Paprika TV, TVR Cluj-Napoca, Growing Toward the Light (video for Hyundai) 2006, Cuckoo (Kakukk - original title) 2008, The Contract 2010, ADR & Voiceover for aprox. 250 TV shows